Be Greener

Be Greener

Xerox Technology is Designed to Help You Save Resources

Most assume that the motivation to implement eco-friendly practices into everyday office operations comes from a company’s desire to reduce its environmental impact. However, what many often overlook is that such measures could potentially yield financial benefits through cost savings. Ironically, those businesses hesitant to go green often cite financial considerations as the reason for their reluctance. Yet such a step doesn’t require a significant financial investment; simply incorporating greener practices in the can often produce significant results.

Control Over Energy and Supply Use

Consider, for example, the green benefits that Xerox technology offers. All Xerox products are Energy Star-certified, meaning they require less energy compared to comparable products. They also feature Earth-Smart functionality that allow you to establish default settings that eliminate wasted paper, such as:

  • Duplex (double-sided) printing
  • Multiple up printing
  • Blank page omissions

When documents are printed, Xerox products utilize solid ink technology which results in 90 percent less waste than printers requiring ink cartridges. Much of the original packaging as well as used supplies can be recycled, further eliminating waste.

Eliminate Printing when Possible

Xerox technology also allows for the electronic storage of documents, allowing users to scan, save and share them without needing to print multiple copies. Companies look to reduce supply usage should consider this option for documents such as:

  • Emails
  • Training documents
  • Company newsletters

These are just a few of the ways in which products incorporating Xerox technology can reduce your environment impact. To learn more, contact us by completing our online form