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Your Printer Does More Than Just Print. It’s a Workplace Assistant

Your Printer Does More Than Just Print. It’s a Workplace Assistant

These days, printers need to do more than print. They need to provide an array of functions that can help in numerous aspects of running a business. Multifunction printers are quickly growing in popularity, and if you do not obtain one for your company, then you risk falling behind competitors.

Tuesday Tips: Printing Analytics for Better Office Decisions

Printing Analytics for Better Office Decisions

Paper has played a crucial role in business through the ages. However, today it is considered an outdated document and communication method. Many consider it part of inefficient processes that distract them accomplishing more meaningful tasks, hampering productivity. Before making the jump to digitization and eliminating the printers and copiers, consider the valuable insight that can be discovered about your organization’s current print environment.

Why a Copier Can Help Grow Your Business

Why a Copier Can Help Grow Your Business

As your businesses becomes more successful, you need to expand your operation. A copier lease is one way a company can simultaneously boost productivity and reduce long-term costs. Here are a few considerations when deciding whether to buy a copier.

Greater Control

The main advantage to owning or leasing a copier is that you get to decide everything. If you suddenly discover you need 15 copies and not 10, it’s much easier to walk over to your on-site copier than to frantically call the shop.

Tuesday Tips: Who Needs Document Management?

Who Needs Document Management?

Although document management may seem necessary only for large organizations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) may also benefit from addressing this issue. Regardless of business size, employees may waste the same percentage of time handling paper documents.

Sales and Marketing

Customers expect quick service, including access to accurate documents or information. Electronic retrieval of bids, contracts or other documentation can give an impression of efficiency to the customer and may help in securing the sale.

Tuesday Tips: Products That Can Help Your Workplace Productivity

Products That Can Help Your Workplace Productivity

If you want to enhance the overall productivity of your business look no further than products for office technology. There are several items you can consider ensuring that everyone is working more efficiently.

Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers enhance productivity before they quickly process and print documents. There are mobile options that can be placed just about anywhere in a standard office and there are versions that have apps that further streamline the process. You can also walk up and take advantage of an intuitive touchscreen for easy access.

Tuesday Tips: IT Security, Why It Matters

 IT Security, Why It Matters

The work becomes more connected every day and this is due to information technology making it possible. IT security is crucial for all businesses and knowing why is the first step in implementing a plan for your business.

Increase Business Efficiency

Keeping digital data secure helps to prevent issues that could compromise productivity. For example, if a breach occurs, you might have to halt work until it is identified and solved. Improve efficiency by considering the following as part of your plan:

Tuesday Tips: Xerox’s ConnectKey Reviews Are In

Xerox’s ConnectKey Reviews Are In

Xerox’s recent launch of 29 new ConnectKey-enabled printers and multifunction devices has elicited a highly positive buzz nationwide and worldwide. Small businesses that have used the new products and apps and bloggers who evaluate and write about new business technologies report that the new Xerox line meets and exceeds the workday demands of small workgroups for smart and intuitive technological assistants.

Tuesday Tips: Smart Printers Need to Come With Smart Security

Smart Printers Need to Come With Smart Security

Whether it’s through a cable, wifi or the cloud, every computer in the modern office is attached to a printer in some way. This connectivity poses a challenge to the electronic security of the office. While printers have grown more powerful with each new technical generation, that added power comes at a cost. Companies now have to spend more time and resources ensuring that the new printers do not become electronic security weak points.

Tuesday Tips: 3 Ways to Prevent Paper Jams and Keep Your Printer Running Smoothly

3 Ways to Prevent Paper Jams and Keep Your Printer Running Smoothly

You finally sent your final document to the office printer. Instead of your printout, though, all you see is an indicator showing it’s jammed. Why does this always seem to happen? Here are 3 things you can do to keep any printers, including multifunction printers and all in one printers, from jamming in the future.

Tuesday Tips: Helping Workers Be More Mobile

Helping Workers Be More Mobile

The mobile workforce is growing as a whole. Employees who were once confined to the office are now finding plenty of tools are available to assist them even when they are away from their desks. Mobile printing options are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many ways in which employees and employers can benefit.

Greater Efficiency With Simple Tasks

When you run out to meet a client, you do not want to get caught up because you are unable to do something simple. No matter where you are, there are tools available to help you with various tasks, including: