Finally, Printers That Function Like Your Mobile Devices

Finally, Printers That Function Like Your Mobile Devices

Today, virtually everyone has a mobile device in their pocket. With numerous apps available to you at the touch of a button, it can get frustrating having to work with multifunction printers that do not have the same capabilities as a standard smartphone. Fortunately, you have nothing to fear because these days, small business printers come with all the features you need.

App Integration

Xerox desktop printers can now come with apps to help you and your employees with various work functions. As an example, say you want to scan a document and automatically upload it into a certain software system. In the past, you would have to scan first, and then go to a computer to manually move it. Now you can download an app that does all that at once.

Same User Interface

Think about how you interact with your smartphone. It seems seamless but underneath all the bells and whistles are complex algorithms that allow you to live a convenient life. That same interface is applied to Xerox printers, making it easy for employees to learn how to use new devices.

Multifunction printers have come a long way in the past decade. Keep your business at the top of its game by bringing in new, advantageous technology.