Tuesday Tips: Printing Analytics for Better Office Decisions

Printing Analytics for Better Office Decisions

Paper has played a crucial role in business through the ages. However, today it is considered an outdated document and communication method. Many consider it part of inefficient processes that distract them accomplishing more meaningful tasks, hampering productivity. Before making the jump to digitization and eliminating the printers and copiers, consider the valuable insight that can be discovered about your organization’s current print environment.

Document analytics can answer questions such as:                                                                              

  • Who is printing what, and where?
  • Which documents are crucial to business processes?
  • Where are those critical documents located?
  • What are the bottlenecks?

Answering these questions may help you complete a workflow chart that shows how mission-critical documents move around your organization. This allows you to address the most important question of all: How much paper is absolutely necessary? Document analytics can help you decide what processes need to change and how enabling you to set goals and begin moving towards digitization.

Digital transformations cannot occur overnight. Documents are at the heart of every organization and employees may still need to collaborate and have the availability to be mobile. Multifunction printers may have been the first step to streamlining equipment cost. Printing analytics offers insight into workflow processes and how your organization functions, providing the next step towards digitization.