Tuesday Tips: Smart Printers Need to Come With Smart Security

Smart Printers Need to Come With Smart Security

Whether it’s through a cable, wifi or the cloud, every computer in the modern office is attached to a printer in some way. This connectivity poses a challenge to the electronic security of the office. While printers have grown more powerful with each new technical generation, that added power comes at a cost. Companies now have to spend more time and resources ensuring that the new printers do not become electronic security weak points.

Security Protocols Keep Your Company Safe

Every IT expert knows that the only way to truly protect electronic devices from hackers is to remove the device’s access to the internet. Whether it’s printers, copiers or computers, if they can reach the internet, they are vulnerable to attack. This reality doesn’t mean companies should abandon cloud-based solutions, though. By implementing smart security protocols, companies can protect their printers from outside electronic attacks and keep their organization’s inner workings safe. Some of these protocols include,

  • Require user authentication
  • Install role-based access control
  • Record logging and audit trails.

Be Vigilant and Be Safe

In today’s data-driven, interconnected, web-based world, security is more important than ever. Companies need to be vigilant in protecting their workplace from outside attacks because even something as innocent as the office printer can allow determined hackers access to important company files.