Tuesday Tips: Who Needs Document Management?

Who Needs Document Management?

Although document management may seem necessary only for large organizations, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) may also benefit from addressing this issue. Regardless of business size, employees may waste the same percentage of time handling paper documents.

Sales and Marketing

Customers expect quick service, including access to accurate documents or information. Electronic retrieval of bids, contracts or other documentation can give an impression of efficiency to the customer and may help in securing the sale.


Finance departments can excel in generating documents that must be stored for long periods of time while being easily retrievable. Both filing and retrieval of paper can take up more time than necessary. By scanning documents, more team members can access the documents easily, both inside and outside of the department.


The IT Department can derive one of the greatest benefits from electronic documentation. Centralized storage of documents can mean there aren’t people throughout the company creating their own storage caches with sensitive data that must be secured. It can also mean less wear and tear on printing and copying equipment.

Never Too Small

Since efficiency and productivity can be important for every business, no matter the size, all businesses may find value in using a document management system. Not only can the system be beneficial today, it can also be part of the administrative infrastructure that will support future growth.