Why a Copier Can Help Grow Your Business

Why a Copier Can Help Grow Your Business

As your businesses becomes more successful, you need to expand your operation. A copier lease is one way a company can simultaneously boost productivity and reduce long-term costs. Here are a few considerations when deciding whether to buy a copier.

Greater Control

The main advantage to owning or leasing a copier is that you get to decide everything. If you suddenly discover you need 15 copies and not 10, it’s much easier to walk over to your on-site copier than to frantically call the shop.


If you own a medical office or other business that deals with privileged information, you may prefer using your own copiers for reasons of confidentiality. Copy shop employees may not have the discretion to deal with private documents.

Lower Costs

While the initial price of buying a copier is much higher, the operation costs are much lower. The machine pays for itself in the long run and you can always negotiate for a better initial price.

Environmental Concerns

As a green business, you may want a copier so you can make environmentally friendly choices. Most off-site shops go with cheaper options that don’t include recycled paper or energy-efficient machines.

Benefits vs Costs

Ultimately, a copier lease or a copy shop each has advantages and disadvantages. Smaller businesses may never need to own their own printers. In the end, lower prices are causing many companies to find it just makes more sense to buy a copier.