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Control Your Business Costs with Xerox Technology

You may be asking yourself how to control expenses in a company. When companies analyze their costs, they often overlook copying and printing by grouping such tasks in supply categories.

What’s lost there is the opportunity to improve processes that allow you to optimize your resources for cost-savings. Imagine, for a moment, having complete control over what’s printed, how documents are printed, as well as how often copies are made.

Xerox technology not only allows for such control, but it also takes the task of monitoring it of your hands.

How? You can choose to stratify your document categories, allowing only certain copies to be printed in color while the rest our done in standard black and white. This extends the life of expensive color cartridges while not having to restrict or eliminate printing altogether.

You can also set default settings that print emails and other non-business critical documents double-sided, reducing the amount of paper needed on such jobs. Printing queues also ensure that jobs that are forgotten are never actually printed, instead remaining in the queue until they are released.

Remember, too, that Xerox products incorporate Energy Star and Intelligent Ready technology to help reduce energy usage.

Save Money by Reducing Waste

The net result of these features is readily apparent:

  • Decreased supply costs
  • Increased printer availability
  • Eliminating unneeded printers and other hardware

Take the funds freed up by implementing Xerox technology in your office and apply them towards more valuable business resources. Let us show you how by filling out our online contact form and allowing us to get back to you.