Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Use Your Scanner to Image Your Documents and Create Digital Copies

The ability to quickly access business-critical documents can’t be overstated. For decades, most have looked to the filing cabinet as the source for document storage and protection. Yet that’s not to say that such a resource doesn’t have its flaws. For as reliable as it may seemingly be to the office environment, the filing cabinet simply can’t overcome the inherent disadvantage of being subject to damage from disasters, vandalism or simple wear and tear. When such forces to strike, you have to consider the inordinate loss of information contained inside.

Forget the Filing Cabinet

What if there were a better alternative? Document imaging may just be it. It allows you to scan and save important documents on either a network drive or in the cloud, eliminating the potential for physical deterioration and wear. Gone is the concern of losing data due to fire, flood or robbery, as are the costs associated with purchasing excess printing paper and ink cartridges.

Yet cost savings and peace of mind aren’t the only advantages that document imaging solutions offers. While the saving and sharing of scanned images must be managed, it does offer several benefits related to daily workflow and data security, namely:

  • Eliminating the need wait for documents to print
  • Facilitating document sharing amongst staff members
  • Allowing for restricted access to sensitive information

Switching from standard printing to document imaging systems needn’t be an overly complicated process. To find out how, simply fill out our online contact form and allow us to get back to you.