Scan to the Cloud

Scan to Cloud

Scan to Cloud Software Enables Your Office to Do More

Given all of the business-critical information shared in documents, it’s easy to see why effective document storage and retrieval technologies are so coveted. Just as the copy machine changed office technology forever, so too has the desktop in the way professionals create and edit documents. By extension, cloud technology has made it possible for countless reports, infographics, and data files to be stored safely and securely in the digital world. You can enjoy all of the advantages that this new resource has to offer through the Scan to Cloud technology offered by Xerox.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Scanning to the Cloud allows you to store documents through reliable, secure services such as:

  • Evernote
  • SharePoint
  • Dropbox
  • Office360

Not only does this allow for increased security and data backup, but it also makes retrieving and sharing documents amongst staff members much easier. Individuals can simply pull up a document and attach it to an email or meeting agenda. Xerox technology also allows you to convert documents into different date files, such as PDF file that can be easily shared and/or printed. You can also convert items saved in the Cloud to word processing documents or spreadsheets that can be edited through the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

As business demands continue to evolve, so too will the tools needed to support them. Scan to Cloud technology allows for such evolution, ensuring that any and all information is available with the simple click of mouse. Learn more about the document storage options this technology offers by filling out our contact form