Secure Your Office

Secure Your Office

Xerox Technology Keeps Your Documents and Data Secure

As a leader in the data security industry, we know what it takes to put your data under virtual lock and key. With the help of Xerox technology and partnerships with Cisco and McAfee, we are equipped to offer you the best security currently available.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Security

We take a multi-pronged approach to protecting your sensitive information, including:

  • Tracking and controlling printing and scanning by utilizing existing login or ID card infrastructure.
  • Exceeding Common Criteria Certification standards by certifying the entire device.
  • Applying Automatic Image Overwrite to erase sensitive information from a device after printing or scanning.
  • Using encrypted scanning and secure email, print and fax documents to securely transmit documents.

Whether you want to protect medical records, employee information or client data, we have the tools and the expertise necessary to secure your files and keep your documents secure. To find out more, fill out our convenient online contact form.