Wireless Printers

Wireless copiers help your Kentucky business cut the cords

Leave the Clunky Cords Behind

A modern business requires modern technology. Free yourself of the entanglements of wired printers and get a powerful wireless printer. The point of your office setup is to increase productivity, not limit it. With Xerox's line of wifi printers, you can increase your output and save costs with an efficiently configured workspace. There's no need to work around those wires anymore.

Limitless Possibilities

Xerox is a brand of integrity, quality, and sensibility. When you get a wireless laser printer, you can experience improved performance and flexibility with optimized workflows. While some features vary depending on the model, some of them include:

  • Built-in wireless connection
  • Intuitive controls on screen
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Full network compliance
  • Increased output as much as 6,000 pages per month
  • Improved speed as fast as 37 pages in a minute
  • Sharp and clear type
  • Detailed images feature smooth greys, intense blacks, and vivid colors
  • Protection and support with Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Wireless Solutions for Your Office

A high quality wireless laser printer from Xerox will bring your office technology to the next level. With these professional-grade wifi printers, you don't need to worry about cord configurations. Reach out to us via our contact form to learn more about the convenience, efficiency, and savings you can get with a new wireless printer.