Xerox Managed Print Services

Xerox Managed Print Services streamline your office

Western Kentucky Xerographics is proud to provide Xerox Managed Print Services, helping businesses become more productive, sustainable and cut costs.

How Will Xerox Managed Print Services Help Your Business?

Managed print solutions will help transform your office’s printing environment from being unmanaged and under-utilized. Without managed printing services, you may have experienced the following problems:

  • Spending a great deal of money on printer supplies
  • Under-utilizing your equipment
  • Paying more than one bill, rather than one purchase order
  • Storing supplies in supply closets in bulk
  • Needing your IT department to troubleshoot and manage print equipment
  • Becoming frustrated with an unmanaged printing system

Xerox managed print services can help your office to reduce these problems and improve the functioning of your document printing, copying, scanning, etc.

By choosing to engage with a world-renowned leader in the print industry, you get the benefits of a large corporation from a local provider. Xerox managed printing services can help your office to reduce print costs, predict and control your monthly print costs, pay only one single bill for all document output, automate your supply ordering reducing the need for large storage closets, and reduce the overall number of pages printed. With ongoing monitoring and preemptive support, your employees will be able to spend more time on the tasks that matter to your bottom line.

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